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Days of the week in Lao

Days of the week in Lao

Let’s learn about days of the week in Lao.⁣⠀
The word ວັນ /wan/ in Lao means “day”⁣⠀
ອາທິດ/ທິດ /aatid/tid/ by itself means “week”⁣⠀

Also, like any languages, there are different ways to say a certain word.⁣⠀
For example, Tuesday can be ວັນອັງຄານ or ວັນຄານ /wan ang kaan/ or /wan kaan/⁣⠀
Weekend can also be ເສົາອາທິດ /sao aatid/⁣ or even ທ້າຍສັບປະດາ /thaai sap bpa daa/⁣⠀

ວັນອາທິດ /wan aatid/ = Sunday⁣

ວັນຈັນ /wan jan/ = Monday⁣

ວັນອັງຄານ /wan ang kaan/ = Tuesday⁣

Note: it may also be pronounced as ວັນຄານ /wan kaan/ as well. Notice that the ອັງ /ang/ is omitted.

ວັນພຸດ /wan put/ = Wednesday⁣

ວັນພະຫັດ/wan pahat/ = Thursday⁣

ວັນສຸກ /wan suk/ = Friday⁣⠀

ວັນເສົາ /wan sao/ = Saturday⁣

ທ້າຍອາທິດ /thaai aatid/ = Weekend⁣

ວັນທຳມະດາ /wan thammadaa/ = Weekday⁣⠀

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