How to say beautiful in Lao

How to say beautiful in Lao

Let’s learn about telling one another how good-looking or beautiful we look in Lao!

ຮັກ /hak/ = love
ໜ້າ /naa/ = face
ໜ້າຮັກ /naa hak/ = cute (lovable face)
ຜູ້ບ່າວ /pu baao/ = boyfriend
ຜູ້ສາວ /pu saao/ = girlfriend
ງາມ /ngam/ = beautiful (female)
ຫລາຍ /laai/ = a lot, very
ງາມຫລາຍ  /ngam laai/ = Very beautiful
ເຈົ້າຊູ້ /jao suu/ = good looking (male)
ຫລໍ່ /law/ = handsome (male)

This man is handsome
/pu saai khon ni law/

You are very beautiful
/jao ngaam laai/

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