How to say delicious in Lao

How to say delicious in Lao

There’s only one key word you need to know — ແຊບ /saap/.

ແຊບ /saap/ means “delicious” and ແຊບຫຼາຍ /saap laai/ means “very delicious”. If someone asks you whether something was good or not, you can get by knowing only those words. ⁠⠀
Culturally, you should always say something is delicious if a guest offers you food to try (especially Lao food).⁠⠀
However, there are various ways to describe whether something was delicious or not. Unless you are a close friend/family or joking with someone, you should avoid ever telling someone their food/meal was “not delicious.”


ແຊບ /saap/ = delicious⁠

ແຊບໆ /saapsaap/, ແຊບຫຼາຍ /saap laai/ = very delicious⁠

ແຊບອີ່ຫລີ /saap e-lee/ = truly delicious⁠

ມີລົດຊາດ /mii lot saat/ (have + flavor) = Great tasting⁠⠀

ມີລົດຊາດແຊບ /mii lot saat saap/ (have + flavor + delicious) = Yummy⁠⠀

ນົວ /nua/ = pleasing taste (adding seasoning/strong flavor)⁠
Ex: ອາຫານແຊບນົວ /aahaan saap nua/⁠⠀
ຖືກປາກ /theuak bpaak/ = (satisfy + mouth) = “Hits the spot!”


ເພາະກິນ /paw gin/ (for + eat) = Edible (“average” taste)⁠⠀

NOT REALLY Delicious


ບໍ່ແຊບປານໃດ /baw saap bpaan dai/ = Not as good⁠⠀

ບໍ່ແຊບ /baw saap/ (not + delicious) = Not delicious⁠

ຂີ້ດຽດ /kee diat/ = filthy, digusting, yucky⁠⠀
(mainly use among close friends/family or as a “joke” for taste)⁠⠀

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