Lao Kitchen Tools and Utensils

Lao Kitchen Tools and Utensils

These are Lao cooking utensils you find in a Lao kitchen household.

ຄົກ /khok/ = mortar ⠀

ສາກ /saak/ = pestle ⠀

ຂຽງ /kiang/ = meat cutting board⠀

ກະຊອນ /gasaan/ = food filter (like for padaek)

ຖ້ວຍ /thuai/ = small bowl/cup for eating

ໄມ້ທູ່ /mai tuu/ = chopstick

ໄມ້ກະດ້າມ /mai gadam/ = stick to help dry rice

ໝໍ້ໜຶ້ງ /maw neung/ = steaming pot for sticky rice

ຫວດ /huad/ = bamboo steamer for sticky rice

ຈອງ /jawng/ = ladle/big spoon

ຈອກ /jawk/ = cup for drinking

ຈານ /jawn/ = plate

ມີດ /mid/ = knife

ບ່ວງ /buang/ = spoon

ຊ້ອມ /sawm/ = fork

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