Lao Numbers - Counting in Lao

Learn Lao Numbers - zero to 1 million!

The table starts with 0 and ends with one million.

As you will notice, there are two different ways to say 100. 100 can written as ຮ້ອຍ /hawi, hoy/ or ລ້ອຍ /lawi, loy/.
It also depends on the regions or how your family say it. The causal way of saying it ລ້ອຍໜຶ່ງ /loy neung/. In everyday speech, some people say ລ້ອຍ /lawi, loy/ as well.⁠ The official way (in formal documents, media, etc) is ຮ້ອຍ /hawi/ or ຮ້ອຍໜຶ່ງ /hawi neung/.

Likewise, there are different ways to say “10,000” and “100,000” in Lao.

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