Lao phrase – Always prepare for the unknown

Lao phrase – Always prepare for the unknown

“Always prepare for the unknown” –– life is full of unknowns and you will never know what curveball is next. Thus, no matter what stages you are in life, always keep learning to expand your mind. Educate yourself in different aspects of life — especially within.⠀

The real ສະບາຍໆ “sabai sabai” lifestyle is not so much the “easy” life but rather peace of mind through elegantly handling any challenges through knowledge and wisdom.⠀

(photo taken when I visited Laos back then. This was on top of Mount Phousi late evening)⠀


ກຽມພ້ອມ /giam pawn/ = to prepare⠀
ກັບ /gap/ = with⠀
ສິ່ງທີ່ /singthii/ = that⠀
ບໍ່ /baw/ = not (negation)⠀
ຮູ້ຈັກ /huujak/ = to know⠀
ສະເໝີ /samerr/ = evenly/equal, always

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