Lao Words for Seasons

Lao Words for Seasons

If you grew up in the states, you might’ve learned about the 4 seasons in school — Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring.⠀

In Laos, however, there are two main seasons. The cool Wet Season which runs from May to October, and the hot Dry Season which runs from November to April.⠀


ລະດູ /ladu/ = Season

ລະດູຮ້ອນ /ladu hawn/ = Summer

ລະດູໃບໄມ້ປົ່ງ /ladu bai mai bong/ = Spring

ລະດູໃບໄມ້ລົ່ນ /ladu bai mai long/ = Fall/Autumn⠀

ລະດູຫນາວ /ladu naao/ = Winter

Seasons in Laos

Wet Season = ລະດູຮ້ອນ => ລະດູຝົນ (May to Oct) ⠀
Dry Season = ລະດູໜາວ => ລະດູແລ້ງ (Nov to April)⠀

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