Learn about insects and bugs in Lao

Learn Insect and Bug names in Lao

Bugs are everywhere in Laos!

Be careful of the getting a mosquito bite at night!⠀

Other ways to pronounce

Certain regions of Laos, may say the name of the bugs slightly different.


  • Cockroach may also be pronounced as ແມງ-ກະ-ສາບ/maang ga sab/.
  • A slug can be called ຫອຍ /hawi/
  • A tiny worm (excrement from a fly) can be called ຫນອນ /nawn/⠀
  • Earthworm can be called ຂີ້ກະເດືອນ /kee ga deun/

Insect Names

ຍູງ /nyung/ — Mosquito

 ແມງວັນ /maangwan/— Fly

ຕັກກະແຕນ /dtak ga dtaan/ — Grasshopper

ແມງມຸມ /maangmum/— Spider

ດ້ວງ /duang/— Beetle

ດັກແດ້ /dakdaae/ — Caterpillar

ເຜິ້ງ /perrng/ — Bee

ແມງສາບ່ /maang sab/ — Cockroach

ບົ້ງ /bong/ — Worm

ຫອຍທາກ /hawi taak/— Snail

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