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Lao Cooking Terms

Learn Lao Cooking Terms

These are common Lao words for cooking methods you might hear in Laos (or growing up in a Lao household in America like me).⠀

Isn’t it interesting that there are more than one way to say ‘chop’ or ‘boil’ in the Lao cooking world? ⠀

ຕຳ /dtam/ = to pound, pounded ( ຕຳໝາກຫຸ່ງ /dtam mak hoong/) — literally “pounded and shredded papaya”⠀

ສັບ /sab/ = to chop/cut, cutting meat ສັບຊີ້ນ⠀

ຕົ້ມ /dtom/ = to boil, boiled ຕົ້ມຫມູ (boiled pig)⠀

ໝ່າ /maa/ = to soak, soaked ( ໝ່າເຂົ້າ)⠀

ຫຸງ /huung/ = to steam/boil, steamed/boiled – ຫຸງເຂົ້າຈ້າວ steaming rice using a rice cooker

ໜຶ້ງ /neuang/ = to steam, steamed ໜຶ້ງເຂົ້າຫນຽວ “process of steaming sticky rice”⠀

ຂົ້ວ /kua/ = to fry, fried (fried egg) ,ຂົ້ວໄຂ່⠀

ອົບ /ob/ = to bake, baked (bake the bread) ອົບເຂົ້າຈີ່ (bread + baked) or /ob kow nom bang/ ອົບເຂົ້າຫມົມປັງ⠀

ຟັກ /fak/ = to chop, chopped ຟັກໝາກຫຸ່ງ = chopping/shredding papaya⠀

ຈືນ /jeuan/ = to pan fry, pan-fried fish ( ຈືນປາ )

ທອດ /thawd/ = to deep fry (with oil) ທອດໄກ່⠀

ປິ້ງ /bping/ = to grill, grilled ປິ້ງໄກ່ ⠀

ຜັດ /pad/ = stir fry ຜັດຜັກ (stir fried veggies)⠀

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