Multiple meanings for ‘leave it there’ in Lao

Multiple meanings for ‘leave it there’ in Lao

How would you translate “leave it there” in Lao?⁣⠀

While not really related words, these words/phrases describe some type of “placement.” I put these 3 together since they all begin with the ປ /bp/ Lao letter consonant.⁣⠀

ໄວ້ /wai/ = to store, keep somewhere⁣⠀
ປົງໄວ້ /bpong wai/ = leave it there right now. This is a short phrase describing the action of dropping or placing something down immediately. ⁣⠀
ປະໄວ້ /bpa wai/ = leave it there (short-term). The words can describe anything relating to holding off or letting go of something temporary. For instance, you are doing an activity like folding your clothes and had to rush to help your friend down the street. You are then “leaving the activity” of folding your clothes for a bit. ⁣⠀
ປ່ອຍໄວ້ /bpawi wai/ = leave it there (permanently). It’s also another way of saying ‘to release’ or let something go. For instance, you have a tree you want to cut. Should you keep cut it down or leave it as it is? Leaving it as it is means to ປ່ອຍໄວ້ /bpawi wai/.⁣

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