Other Formal Ways to Greet in Lao (ma der, ma der)

Other Formal Ways to Greet in Lao (ma der, ma der)

ກິນເຂົ້າແລ້ວບໍ່ /gin khao laaeo baw/ ⁠⠀
Did you eat already?⁠

Meaning: A form of courtesy. It carries a deeper meaning beyond “eating.” The person is checking your well-being –whether you’re doing well, eating well, or wanting to eat something.⁠

ມາເດີ້ /ma der/, ມາເດີ້ໆ /ma der ma der/⁠⠀
Come on (dear)! Come to see us⁠

Meaning: Various meanings. It’s a form of invitation to visit or join someone in their village/house for a nice meal to bond.⁠⠀

ມາເດີ້ ມາກິນເຂົ້ານໍາກັນ /ma der ma gin khao nam gan/⁠⠀
Come visit us for a meal; come eat together⁠⠀

Meaning: Similar to the previous example. This one is more specific in inviting you to really come over to eat together.⁠⠀

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