the team

Our team work remotely around the world where we collaborate together with the goal to develop real-world Lao language learning materials.


LaoLesson was created by  ຈອນນີ່ (Johnny) (a Lao American) – who before taking his first ever trip to Laos, wanted to improve his Lao reading and speaking proficiency. Hence, re-learn Lao formally.
There was a lack of good Lao language learning resources online for heritage learners, so he decided to create this website — Lao as spoken inside and outside of Laos (i.e. discussing your favorite Netflix show in Lao).

About LaoLessons

We are building an online learning platform to teach others Lao in a fun and simple way. Our focus is mainly those learning Lao as a foreign language, but also Lao diasporas wanting to refresh their Lao skills.


Our mission is to help many learn Lao beyond the basics through promoting awareness of the Lao language and reading literacy outside of Laos in the ever changing global market and social media era. #laolessons
With Laos going through a period of developing more of its own homegrown movies, music, shows, and other content than ever before, we believe this is an exciting time for anyone to learn the Lao language.
Not only we do want more Lao American millennials to be aware of new films, shows, music videos, and more coming from Laos, but also anyone who has an interest in the future development of Laos as well.


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