Ma Der – Come Over To Eat – Kiss-Cut Sticker


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Similar to ກິນເຂົ້າແລ້ວບໍ່? /gin khao laaeo baw/, the phrase ມາເດີ້ /ma der/, ມາເດີ້ໆ/ma der ma der/⁠ can be expressed as “come on over; come on (dear)”

It’s a form of invitation to visit or join someone in their village/house for a nice meal to bond.⁠

ມາເດີ້ ມາກິນເຂົ້ານໍາກັນ /ma der ma gin khao nam gan/⁠ can be translated as “Come visit us for a meal; come eat together⁠” This one is more specific in inviting you to really come over to eat together.⁠⠀

.: For indoor and outdoor use
.: Not waterproof
.: White or transparent
.: Grey adhesive left side for white stickers
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