Shapes in Lao

Shapes in Lao

Let’s learn about different shapes in Lao.⠀⠀

There are actually a few different ways to say some of the shape names.

ຮູບ /hup/ = picture, prefix/classifier for shapes⠀⠀
ດາວ /daao/⠀⠀
ມົນທົນ /mon ton/⠀⠀
ສີ່ຫຼ່ຽມ /sii liam/⠀⠀
ຈະຕຸລັດ /jadtulat/⠀⠀
ສາມຫລ່ຽມ /saam liam/⠀⠀
ສາມແຈ /saam jaae/⠀⠀
ວົງວຽນ /wongwian/⠀⠀
ວົງກົມ /wonggom/⠀⠀
ວົງມົນ /wongmon/⠀⠀
ເປັນຮູບໄຂ່ /bpen hup kai/ (or “egg shaped”)⠀⠀
ຮູບສີ່ຫລ່ຽມ /hup sii liam/⠀⠀
ດວງ /duang/⠀⠀
ມົນ /mon⠀⠀
ກະບອກ /gabawk/⠀⠀
ກະບັງ /gabong/⠀⠀
ລູກສູບ /luksup/⠀⠀
ບາດສະກາ /baad sagaa/⠀⠀
ລູກບາດ /luk baat/

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