Usages of ບໍ່ baw in Lao

Usages of ບໍ່ baw in Lao

ບໍ່ /baw/ can act as a question particle, a word for “no” or even a negation for a verb or adjective.⠀

It is commonly use in the Lao language a lot; and if you are starting to read Lao, you’ll find it everywhere in sentences and phrases.⠀


1) A negative response by itself. ⠀
Example: ບໍ່⠀
ບໍ່ /baw/. No⠀

2) Negation of a verb/adjective.
Example: ບໍ່ + [Verb/Adjective]⠀
ດີ /dee/. ບໍ່ດີ /baw dee/⠀
Good. Not Good = Bad.⠀

3) Forming a question from a statement. ⠀
Example: [Statement] + ບໍ່⠀
ຢາກກິນ /yak gin/. ຢາກກິນບໍ່? /yak gin baw/⠀
Want to Eat. Want to eat it?⠀

4) Double negative question. ⠀
Example: ບໍ່ + [Statement] + ບໍ່⠀
ບໍ່ຢາກກິນບໍ່? /baw yak gin baw/⠀
Don’t you want to eat?

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