Weather terms in Lao

Weather terms in Lao

Whenever I chat with my friends from Laos, I often ask them,  how’s the weather?

Learning about weather terms in Lao is a good way to expand your vocabulary.

ອາກາດ⁣  /aagaad/ = weather⠀

ຮ້ອນ⁣ /hawn/ = hot

ໜາວ⁣ /naao/ = cold

ແດດແຮງ⁣ /daaed haaeng/ = sunny (hot)

ແດດອອກ⁣ /daaed aawk/ = sunny

ຝົນ /fon/ = rain

ຝົນຕົກ /fon dtok/ = raining

ຫິມະ⁣ /hima/ = snow

ໝອກຄັວນ /mawk kuan/ = foggy

ທ້ອງຟ້າ⁣ /tawng faa/ = sky

ຟ້າແຈ້ງ⁣ /faa jaaeng/ = clear sky

ຟ້າຄຶ້ມ /faa keaum/ = Cloudy/dark sky

ຟ້າຮ້ອງ⁣ /faa hawng/ = Thunder

ຟ້າຜ່າ⁣ /faa paa/ = Lightning

ມື້ວັນຈັນອາກາດຮ້ອນ⁣⁣ /meua wan jan aagaad hawn/⁣ = Monday is hot⁣

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