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Dok Champa

ສະບາຍດີ (Hello)

We develop fun bilingual (Lao-English) language learning products and provide structured self-paced online courses for those who want to learn practical "real-world" Lao language -- listening, speaking, reading, writing, and typing (ພີມລາວ) in a comprehensive way!

Not a problem! Lao language is not hard. =)


You will get the benefits of understanding multiple languages at once (Lao, Thai, Esan/Isaan) just by learning Lao as the foundation first.

Plus, Laotian diasporas and heritage learners who grew up outside of Laos may benefit from brushing up on their Lao as well, easily switching between English and Lao fluently.


Lesson 1 - Lao Introduction

Lao Introduction (Listening, Speaking) - Introduction to the Lao language by knowing Lao words for greetings and etiquette. If you have less than a week to learn Lao, these are the essential Lao words you should know.

Lesson 2 - Self Introduction

Questions/Self Intro (Speaking) - In this lesson, we will learn Lao in a progressive format -- learning one to three new words at a time. Using simple "Questions & Answers", you'll form simple questions and responses - what, who, when, where, how, and why.

Lesson 3 - Consonants

Consonants (Reading/Writing) - You will convert karaoke Lao phonetic into real Lao character one by one until you master them all. Visual mnemonics and sentence examples will help you learn them quickly.

Lesson 4 - Vowels

Vowels (Reading/Writing) - Basic vowels, combo vowels, short vowels, long vowels, and special vowel forms.

Lesson 5 - Tones

The Lao Tones (Reading/Writing/Speaking) - Lao tones, tone marks, and tone drills practice.

Lesson 6 - Common Phrases

Common Lao Phrases - Gain more listening, speaking, and reading practice in Lao by learning causal Lao sentences on various everyday topics.

Post Lessons

After gaining the foundation of Lao, we offer other courses to help improve conversations, grammar, reading, and writing in Lao.


Progressive lessons

Rather than trying to memorize endless phrases, you'll start with the fundamental building block of Lao. The flow of our lessons gradually builds upon previous lessons, so there are a lot of repetitions for learning.

real-world lao

All languages evolve due to globalization and cultural interactions -- Lao is no different. Lessons include both informal and formal Lao usages, pronunciation tips, and Lao language pitfalls for English speakers.

Lao Vocabulary List with AUdio

We have a list of common words/phrases (English-Lao translation) spoken by native speakers from Laos. In addition, there's a built-in audio player, so you can listen to the words (as many times as you want).

Worksheets and Guides

We have printable worksheets, online quizzes, Lao/English dialogues/transcripts, and more that are not found in our 'Free Lao Lessons' section.

traditonal lao dance
ຟ້ອນ ລຳວົງ ('Lam vong' dance)
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