Lao Alphabet Chart

Learn Lao Alphabet - with audio pronunciation and video demonstration.

The Lao alphabet consists of 27 Lao consonants with 6 extra compound consonants and 28 vowel sounds.
An interesting aspect about the Lao alphabet is that written words are very phonetic. Once you learn the Lao alphabet, you can almost write/type the phonetic sound of many words accurately.
How to Write in Lao - Workbook

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Note: because Lao is a tonal language, the tone of a word is determine by its consonant class and vowels. Thus, the color-coded consonants classes for the letters in this chart are Middle Class, Low Class, and High Class.

Audio Lao Laomanization Word Video
/g/, ໄກ່gai "chicken"
/j/, ຈອກjawk "cup"
/d/ ເດັກdek "kid"
/dt/ ຕາdtaa "eye"
/b/ ແບ້ baae "goat"
/bp/ ປາbpaa "fish"
/y/ ຢາyaa "medicine"
// ໂອoo "bowl"
/k/ ຄວາຍkuaai "buffalo"
/ng/ ງົວngua "cattle"
/s/ ຊ້າງsang "elephant"
/ny/ ຍຸງnyung "mosquito"
/t/ ທຸງtung "flag"
/n/ ນົກnok "bird"
/p/ ພູpuu "mountain"
/f/ ໄຟfai "fire"
/m/ ແມວmaaeo "cat"
/r/ ຣະຄັງrakang "bell"
/l/ ລີງleeng "monkey"
/v/ ວີvee "fan"
/h/ ເຮືອນheaun "house"
/k/ ໄຂ່kai "egg"
/s/ ເສືອseua "tiger"
/t/ ຖົງtong "bag"
/p/ ເຜິ້ງperrn "bee"
/f/ ຝົນfon "rain"
/h/ ຫ່ານhaan "goose"
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