Lao Vowels

Lao Alphabet Vowels - with audio pronunciation and video demonstration.

The Lao alphabet  has 28 vowel sounds, which include short, long, and special vowels.
The table below provides the Lao vowels (short & long pair), a “Laomanized” English transliteration and word, an accompanying short video clip demonstrating how to write them.


The silent-consonant ອ is used as a vowel placeholder in the table. X in the table represents a final consonant placeholder.

However, X in the video just used as a vowel placeholder.

Audio (pair) Audio Vowel Laomanization Video
ອະ/ອັx /a/ (short)
ອາ /aa/ (long)
ອຸ /u/ (short)
ອູ /uu/ (long)
ອິ /e/ or /i/ (short)
ອີ /ee/ or /ii/ (long)
ອຶ /eu/ (short)
ອື /euu/ (long)
ເອະ/ເອັx /ea/ (short)
ເອ /eaa/ (long)
ແອະ /ae/ (short)
ແອ /aae/ (long)
ໂອະ/ອົx /o/ (short)
ໂອ /oo/ (long)
ເອາະ /aw/ (short)
ອໍ/xອx /aaw/ (long)
ເອິ /er/ (short)
ເອີ /err/ (long)
ເອຶອ /eua/ (short)
ເອືອ /euaa/ (long)
ເອັຍ /ia/ (short)
ເອຍ/ອຽx /iaa/ (long)
ອົວະ /ua/ (short)
ອົວ/ອວx /uaa/ (long)
ໄອ/ໃອ /ai/ (short)
ອາຍ /aai/ (long)
ເອົາ /ao/ (short)
ອາວ /aao/ (long)
ອຳ /am/ (short)  
ອາມ /aam/ (long)
ອິວ /io/ (short)  
ອີວ /iio/ (long)
ເອັວ /eao/ (short)  
ເອວ /eaao/ (long)
ເເອັວ /aeo/ (short)  
ເເອວ /aaeo/ (long)
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