How to express temporal days in Lao

How to express temporal days in Lao

After learning Days of the week in Lao  it might be helpful to express day expressions in Lao; that is, today, tomorrow, yesterday, and so on.

​ ມື້​ /meau/ = Day⠀⠀
ມື້​ນີ້ /meau nii/ = Today⠀⠀
ມື້ວານນ /meau waan nii/ = Yesterday⠀⠀
ມື້ອື່ນ /meau euan/ = Tomorrow⠀⠀
ມື້ຮື /meau heau/ = Day after tomorrow⠀⠀
ມື້ຊື້ນ /meau seuan/ = Day before yesterday⠀⠀
ມື້ໜ້າ /meau naa/ = Another day/Next time⠀⠀

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