Lao Interjections – through emoji smileys

Lao Interjections – through emoji smileys

This lesson is helping you become aware of the different types of interjections that you’d hear among Lao people. I’ve only selected a few of the common ones (at least ones I’ve heard growing up from parents/relatives and other Lao people). ⁣⠀
Lao people often use interjections much in the same way that you’d hear “Wow!”, “Oh!”, “Oops!” and so on, among English speakers. Some usages of them can be polite and impolite, so be careful in the context that they are use. ⁣⠀
For example, ຮວາຍ /huaai/ is an angry expression. An English equivalent might be “ugggh!” You’d not react in this way among someone older or respectful people. ⁣⠀
An interjection like ໂອ້ຍ /ouai/ is very common and almost use among anyone who expresses a slight discomfort. ⁣

Some Common Lao Interjections

ໂອ່ໂອ /oooh/ = “Oh, I see” (sudden realization)⁣⠀

ໂອ້ຍ /ouai/ = “Oh, come on! Ouch!” (annoyance, pain)⁣ * Also a very common Lao interjection.

ອຸ້ຍ /ueai/ = (similar as ໂອ້ຍ /ouai/)⁣

ອ້າວ /aao/ = “Ok, fine; but…” (sympathy, nuisance)⁣⠀

ເບາະ /baw/ = “is that so? really?” (doubtful, validation)⁣⠀

ຕາຍ /dtaai/ = “Oh what??” (shocking concern, disbelief)⁣⠀⠀

ຮວາຍ /huaai/ = “What the?!?” (irritated)⁣⠀


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