Movie Terms in Lao

Movie Terms in Lao

Ever wanted to know what are some Lao movie terms? How do you say actor or movie star in Lao? Follow this lesson!⁠⠀

ນັກສະແດງ /nak sadaaeng/ = Actor⁠⠀
ນັກສະແດງຍິງ /nak sadaaeng nying/ = Actress (female)⁠⠀
ພະເອກ /pa aek/ = Lead male actor (hero)⁠⠀
ນາງເອກ /nang aek/ = Lead female actress (heroine)⁠⠀
ດາຣາ,ດາລາ /daaraa/,/daalaa/ = Movie star⁠⠀
ເລື່ອງ /leaung/ = Story/Genre⁠⠀
ລະຄອນ /lakorn/ = Play/Drama⁠⠀
ບົດລະຄອນ /bot lakorn/ = Script⁠⠀
ໜັງ /nang/ = Movie/Film⁠⠀
ໂຮງໜັງ /hong nang/ = Movie Theatre⁠⠀

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