Animal Names in Lao

Animal Names in Lao

Animals play a major symbolic role in Lao culture.

Some animals you may see in Lao villages include a chicken, pig, and a buffalo.

Other animal examples:

  • Land of a million elephants (Ancient Lanxang kingdom)⠀
  • The Lao alphabet chart uses many animal names to remember letters. /ກ/ ໄກ່ Chicken
  •  Stories/myths revolve around certain animals. Hanuman– Hindu Monkey God.⠀
  • The Lao water brand “ຫົວເສືອ” means “tiger head.”⠀

Animal Names

ສັດ /sat/ — Animal

 ໝູ /muu/ — Pig

ຊ້າງ /saang/ — Elephant

ລີງ /liing/ — Monkey

ໝາ /maa/ — Dog

ແມວ /maaeo/ — Cat

ນົກ /nok/ — Bird

ຄວາຍ/kuuai/ — Buffalo

ໝີ /mii/ — Bear

ເສືອ /seua/ — Tiger

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