Verbs related to eating food in Lao

Verbs related to eating food in Lao

There are many Lao dishes out there — but when it comes to eating in general, what are some action words associated with it?

At a Lao food gathering or at a kitchen, here are some verbs you might hear!

So, ແຊ່ /saae/ is more of a food preparation term, but I added it in to contrast⁣⠀
with the word for ຈຸ່ມ /juum/ which means “rinse” in a similar fashion (short time).⁣⠀
Another word that I hear often when eating fish is ໄຈ້/ໄຈ້ອອກ /jai aawk/ which⁣⠀
means to “isolate” or in the case of eating fish — to “debone” it. ⁣⠀

Note: sometimes the word ເອົາ /ow/ “to take” is added after the verb to indicate the action.⁣⠀


ຄົນ /kon/ = to stir

Note: many words in Lao have different meanings. ຄົນ /kon/ can also be a classifier for people.

ຖອກ /thaawk/ = to pour

ພັນ /pang/ = to wrap

ຈ້ຳ /jam/ to dip quickly

ແຊ່ /saae/ = to soak⁣⠀

ຕັກ /dtak/ = to scoop (food)⁣

ຊົດ /sot/ = to scoop (broth)⁣

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